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Tilapia Fish Farming
Tilapia Fish Farming
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Tilapia Fish Farming 
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Tilapia Fish Farming offersTilapia Farmers all the information needed to successfully farm, grow and market Tilapia fish for profit. 

Our publications focus on the core needs to start and develop profitable Tilapia fish farming enterprises.

Whether you're a Tilapia fish farming novice, intermediate or an expert farmer, our Tilapia fish publications are written with your success in mind. 

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  Tilapia Farming Water System and Duckweed Feeding
                                                                                            ~  Duckweed Feed for Tilapia Farming  

This manual intends to propagate the value of Duckweed as a food alternative to animal growth, focusing this intent on fish farming, where its potential impact will be recognized immediately by a savvy fish farmers for many reasons discussed in our Duckweed Fed Tilapia Farming for Profit. In the last two decades Duckweed has been investigated for commercial applications seeking to treat wastewater by American firms; which pioneered Duckweed farming in India and Peru.

Its use as fish feed and its commercial use in the treatment of wastewater investigation by the World Bank resulted as an alternative for third countries nutritional options with great feeding cost savings of up to 70% compared to tradional feeding formulations.

Both investigative programs in South Asia and Latin America, suggested that Duckweed cropping would be important as a source of fish and poultry feed; additionally the investigation demonstrated the use of Duckweed as a wastewater treatment alternative when used in both circulating and non-circulating water systems. 

Refer to diagram in Duckweed Fed Tilapia Farming for Profit in our books page. Technical Study for Latin America and Asia was designed to put together relevant information on Duckweed farming, its beneficial uses and to make such information available to people worldwide. 

It’s therefore, the intention of this manual to disseminate currently available technical and agronomic information on duckweed agronomy and use as animal feed.
                      Tilapia The Super Fish
                            Tilapia Factoids

  • Tilapia Spawns- over 650 eggs every time
  • Fast growing - 3.5 lbs in about 7 to 9 months
  • Tilapia Tolerant to high density 
  • High Survival rate - over 90% reach adulthood
  • Survive on cereal or vegetables, other diets
  • Tilapia - Tolerant to poor water conditions
  • Tilapia - Rapid sexual maturity - within 90 days
  • Tilapia Mouth Brooding Protecting Mothers
  • High demand globally -Most consumed fish
  • Tilapia - Home or farm raising options

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