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Tilapia Fish Farming
Tilapia Fish Farming
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Tilapia Fish Farming publishes technical information for those interested on farming tilapia fish. The books above offer you all the information needed to start your fish farm; each covers in simple language how to do it telling you about water systems and feeding options. 

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Our publications offer technical proven methodologies successful globally; from Tilapia fish farming in U.S.A to farming in India, the Middle East, Latin America, Asia and Africa.
Tilapia Urban Aqua-Culture 
          Brooklyn College Professor Sees a City of Tilapia Tanks
                   Duckweed Feed for Tilapia World Bank Research

Its use as fish feed and its commercial use in the treatment of wastewater investigation by the World Bank.

The research outcome indicates to a nutritional option with great feeding cost savings of up to 70% compared to tradional feeding formulations.

Both investigative programs in South Asia and Latin America, suggested that Duckweed cropping would be important as a source of fish and poultry feed.

Additionally the investigation demonstrated the use of Duckweed as a wastewater treatment alternative when used in both circulating and non-circulating water systems. 
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